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NeoGraft - Minimally Invasive - No Incision, No Scar - Hair Loss Solution!
Atlanta Hair Restoration Center   II       1240 Upper Hembree Suite A Roswell, Georgia 30076
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Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration Atlanta

Hair Restoration atlanta, Hair Transplant Georgia, Hair Replacement atlanta georgia, atlanta Hair Restoration

Atlanta Hair Restoration Center is conveniently located at 1240 Upper Hembree Suite A Roswell, Georgia 30076. Dr. Robert Golden and our staff conduct all of our noninvasive treatments and minimally invasive procedures onsite in one of our many comfortable procedure rooms. The safety and satisfaction of our patients is of upmost importance at Atlanta Hair Restoration Center. We provide the newest, most advanced techniques during all of our procedures, so patients can achieve excellent cosmetic results with the least amount of risk and recovery. Our minimally invasive hair restoration technique encompasses all we strive for in our procedures: the use of advanced technology to produce beautiful results with little to no downtime!

Atlanta Hair Restoration Center provides the newest, innovative technology for hair transplant: NeoGraft. NeoGraft is the first FDA approved automated, minimally invasive hair restoration procedure available. Scalpels, staples, anesthesia, and a long recovery are all aspects of traditional hair transplant techniques which are being left in the past. The future of hair restoration is occurring now at Atlanta Hair Restoration Center. NeoGraft combines the Follicular Unit Extraction method, or FUE, with automated technology to eliminate the time disadvantage of the manual FUE method and improve on all the cosmetic disadvantages of the strip method. Learn more about hair restoration in Atlanta and how you can restore your hair's volume and hairline using this minimally invasive hair restoration technology!


Atlanta Hair Restoration Doctor

Roger Bassin, M.D.

Robert Golden, M.D.

One of the leading cosmetic physicians in the Atlanta area, Dr. Robert Golden has performed hair transplant since 1995 and practiced surgery and medicine in Alpharetta for over 18 years. He was trained in hair restoration at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and received specialized training in Total Micrografting at The Stough Clinic. Dr. Golden is a member of many prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, and the American Society of Liposuction Surgery.

After graduating from the New Jersey College of Medicine, Dr. Golden was an officer in the Medical Corps of the United States Army for three years. During his tour abroad, he gained extensive experience in hair restoration as well as in the other cosmetic procedures offered at his clinic, such as liposuction and body sculpting. Following his military service, Dr. Golden continued his studies abroad. In particular, he studied with the leading cosmetic surgeon in Paris, Dr. Fourneier. Dr. Golden has also studied extensively under the founder of the tumescent liposuction technique, the stepping stone for the minimally invasive liposuction methods offered at The Golden Clinic such as Aqualipo®.

Atlanta Hair Restoration Center

At our hair restoration center we use the most advanced techniques for hair transplantation to ensure natural-looking results without scarring. Our cutting edge technique for hair restoration, NeoGraft, is nearly pain-free, requiring no IV sedation or downtime. Patients will experience the most advanced care from our highly trained and experienced staff. Our team has an advanced understanding of the artistry involved to recreate a natural hairline, so you can rest assured knowing the most precise extraction and placement techniques will be applied during your procedure. After hair loss treatment, our patients report not only a thicker hairline, but also a renewed self-confidence! Learn more about our hair restoration center by clicking on the links below: