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Hair Surgeon Atlanta, Hair Transplant Surgeon Georgia, Atlanta Hair Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon Atlanta

Our Team

Robert Golden, M.D.Robert Golden, M.D.

Dr. Robert Golden was born in New Jersey and attended Oberlin College for his undergraduate studies. He received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology. He attended medical school at the New Jersey College of Medicine. Upon receiving his medical degree, Dr. Golden completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Newark Beth Israel Hospital in New Jersey. He then served in the United States Army Medical Corps and was based in Heidelberg, Germany for most of his military career. After leaving the army, Dr. Golden moved to Roswell, Georgia where he established Atlanta Hair Restoration Center. He has been in practice for over thirty-five years.

Dr. Golden trained at the Stough Clinic for Hair Restoration and began using the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method of hair restoration, more commonly known as the linear strip method. Dr. Golden always felt that this approach wasn't the best technique, but at the time, it was the only technique available. During the linear strip method, a strip of scalp was removed to obtain the necessary donor hair. This procedure resulted in a large, linear scar across the back of the patient’s scalp.

The introduction of NeoGraft revolutionized traditional hair restoration methods. During NeoGraft, the individual follicles are removed directly from the back of the head without removing a strip of scalp. This technique is known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Dr. Golden was very excited to finally perform a hair restoration procedure that works without incurring the lasting linear scar of the linear strip method. In addition to eliminating the resulting linear scar, NeoGraft also reduces the amount of pain and downtime associated with traditional hair restoration techniques. To his amazement, Dr. Golden found that the NeoGraft procedure produces better results with a higher rate of follicular survival. NeoGraft produces a survival rate increase of nearly 98% versus the 75% survival rate of the linear strip method.

Dr. Golden is internationally known and has treated patients from all parts of the globe. Patients seek him out to perform corrective body sculpting to enhance undesirable results from previous surgeries performed by other surgeons. Dr. Golden has also trained extensively in liposuction surgery and cosmetic procedures. His training included work with Dr. Fornier, a leading liposuction surgeon in Paris, France, and Dr. Klein, the founder of the tumescent liposuction. Today, this procedure is the most widely used method, eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Dr. Golden's motto is, "Forever Young," whether it be mind, body, and soul. His belief is that your age should not determine how you feel. As the saying goes, "You are as young as you feel," so why not feel young forever? Why not look as young as you feel? The younger you look, the younger you will feel. Dr. Golden continues to help his patients feel young by looking young using his knowledge of cosmetic procedures and hair restoration to achieve these goals.

Dr. Golden has researched extensively on the causation of aging, and he views aging as a medical disease, not a natural phenomenon. He believes in keeping the body in a young state by employing bio-identical hormones and other neutraceuticals to slow the aging process. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Golden to learn how he can help you achieve your goal of remaining "forever young."


Alemara - Medical Assistant / Certified Laser TechnicianAlemara - Medical Assistant / Certified Laser Technician

Alemara assists Dr. Golden in the Surgical Division of Atlanta Hair Restoration Center as his medical assistant. She joined our team with extensive knowledge is the medical industry. Her expertise includes cosmetic surgery and dermatology. A certified laser technician, Alemara is certified in the Venus Freeze, Derma Pen, Microdermabrasion, and VI Peel procedures. She takes pride in her calming disposition and is always available to help wherever she is needed! Her mission is to ensure maximum comfort and trust for all patients while in our care!


Julie - Front Office Coordinator / NurseJulie - Front Office Coordinator / Nurse

Julie has worked with Dr. Golden for over ten years in the Surgical Division and the front office of Atlanta Hair Restoration Center. She assists Dr. Golden during procedures, such as Liposuction, Botox, and Juvederm. She is certified in the Venus Freeze, Microdermabrasion, and VI peel procedures. Julie will thoroughly prepare you for your visit, so you feel confident about your procedure and well cared for while in our care. She is very passionate about helping patients achieve their goals. Julie's bubbly spirit, combined with her dedicated professionalism, makes her an invaluable asset to our practice.


Patty - Practice Manager Patty - Practice Manager

Patty is the practice manager at Atlanta Hair Restoration Center and has been with the practice for eight years. She grew up in Statesboro, GA and attended the University of Georgia. She received a BA in psychology and completed work towards her Masters in Counseling Psychology when she decided to travel the world. She was a flight attendant for twenty years with Delta Air Lines. Following the birth of her second child, she chose to stop traveling and become a stay at home mother until she began working as Dr. Golden’s practice manager.




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